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We transform workplaces, teams and individuals through the power of psychological safety

A space for employees to safely share and employers to listen and learn

Real time, clinically validated data

chnnl’s unique algorithm and data analysis methods allow early identification of potential problems, negative trends, bullying and even crisis, while positive trends can be capitalised on and celebrated.

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Under 30 seconds per day to better mental health

Via a short daily interaction on their smartphone, employees provide unique and wholly confidential insight into their daily mental health and wellbeing.

Anonymous, safe and secure for all

Anonymity empowers staff to tell it like it is on a platform that provides a safe and powerful place for their voices to be heard.

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Close the loop

Drive employee retention, productivity and positive culture by empowering leadership to listen, understand and act on issues as they arise.

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“Until I came across chnnl, there hasn't been any suitable platforms - Sending out a few emails with websites addresses or 0800 numbers just didn't seem right.

chnnl provides a mechanism to connect with my group so they realise that as an employer, we do care. An added unintended benefit is that it also provides a platform where we can receive anonymous feedback on any part of our business that the group are concerned about.”

Mike Russell
CEO of Russell Properties

“The app has provided each of us with a personal, confidential wellbeing resource and an easy way to anonymously report unethical behaviour. It also provides us with a cost-effective solution for continually monitoring our collective trend data so we can provide a work environment where health and wellbeing can flourish.

Working with the chnnl team has been awesome and so easy. From presenting to all staff so we could collectively make a decision this was the right resource for a super-efficient, onboarding process.”

Helen Parker
CEO of Pinnacle

“chnnl enables HR and Executive management to continually monitor data on engagement and understand, based on usage and reports, when there are periods in which their employees experience the most stress. Furthermore, it gives our company the extra boost it needs to ensure our employees are genuinely supported at work. The application is intuitive and easy to use, and has elements that make it more engaging.”

Marica Vezzoli
Human Resources Manager at Pictor