Take a minute to chnnl what’s going on for you today.

Via a short daily interaction on your smartphone, chnnl takes as little as 30 seconds each day to answer its wellbeing questions. Complete anonymity empowers you to tell it like it is, to literally channel your feelings and note whether you’re only just coping or thriving, and what may be challenging you most.

Wellbeing awareness

Tracking your wellbeing over time enables you to make lifestyle adjustments to increase happiness levels.

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Wellness advice

chnnl recognises which areas of your life need attention and offers tailored advice to improve wellbeing.

Confidential feedback

Anonymously report bullying or sexual harassment and receive expert advice and support.

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Better understand the collective wellbeing of your staff via chnnl data.

Until recently, understanding the personal wellbeing of staff was immensely difficult, involving assumption and hearsay.

But now organisations have the opportunity to gain unprecedented insight into the personal wellbeing of their staff via clinically validated anonymized data from chnnl.

With 20 or more staff using chnnl daily, employers and management can accurately assess the wellbeing of their workforce as a whole - seeing which areas of the workplace need attention as well as quickly being alerted to incidents of bullying or sexual harassment.

chnnl data gives leaders unprecedented insight into the collective health of their company culture, as well as the emotional wellbeing of their people as individuals. Potential problems, negative trends, bullying and even crisis can be identified early, while positive trends can be capitalized on and celebrated.

Key responsibility

chnnl is a pro-active tool for fulfilling an organisation’s key responsibility of caring for its staff wellbeing.

Unique insights

See which areas of the workplace can be improved by implementing staff wellbeing initiatives.

Return on investment

See whether your wellbeing initiatives have had the desired impact of increasing staff happiness levels.

Ethical & legal duty

chnnl is a valuable tool in detecting bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace.