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Bullying culture: Valuing the teacher-student relationship

Self-Reflected Well-Being via a Smartphone App in Clinical Medical Students

It’s ‘probably the teacher!’ — A strategic framework for clinical staff engagement in clinical student bullying intervention.

Time to stop making things worse: an imperative focus for healthcare student bullying research.

Interventions addressing student bullying in the clinical workplace: a narrative review.

“They cared about us students:” Learning from exemplar clinical teaching environments.

Measuring exposure to bullying and harassment in health professional students in a clinical workplace environment: Evaluating the psychometric properties of the clinical workplace learning NAQ-R scale.

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Manukau DHB

chnnl was launched at the Department of General Surgery, Middlemore Hospital. Read on to learn how it went.

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Mercy Radiology

CEO Dr Lloyd McCann on how chnnl connected their team to create an innovative environment.

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Pictor Limited

Biotechnology company Pictor implemented chnnl in 2021. Read on about their experience.

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