Transforming a personal experience

Until recently, understanding the personal wellbeing of staff was immensely difficult, involving assumption and hearsay.

But now organisations have the opportunity to gain unprecedented insight into the personal wellbeing of their staff via clinically validated anonymised data from chnnl.

chnnl was conceived in 2015 by medical student Elizabeth Berryman. Having heard, witnessed and experienced bullying herself, Elizabeth had a hunch bullying was more prevalent than anyone imagined, so she initiated a national survey of wellbeing across fourth, fifth and sixth-year medical students via the NZMSA. The results were astounding: the survey found that 54% of students had experienced what they perceived as bullying when on clinical placements and 76% had witnessed another student being bullied.

From these results, it became clear to Elizabeth that positive intervention was urgently required. In August of the same year, she partnered with the Dean of the Dunedin Medical School, Professor Barry Taylor and Associate Professor Ralph Pinnock in developing a tool to measure medical student wellbeing. After two successful pilots under the original name Particip8, chnnl was finally ready to extend its support beyond the University and healthcare environments.

Elizabeth was an integral part of an anti-bullying research team at the University of Otago. The project entitled, CAPLE (Creating a Positive Learning Environment) was founded in 2015 in response to concerns about student bullying in clinical areas. The University of Otago charged the CAPLE group to better understand this issue and research ways to combat it. The CAPLE group tested these methods in a number of clinical areas and has 5 publications, listed here.

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The Team

Dr Elizabeth Berryman headshot in black and white

Dr Elizabeth Berryman

CEO, Founder
Liz is a governance guru, with roles on both industry and community-based boards.
Josh Carter headshot in black and white

Josh Carter, CA

CFO, Director
An executive by nature with a passion for business, a dash of entrepreneurial spirit, and a serendipitous meeting, are what led me to chnnl.
Michelle MacKinven headshot in black and white

Michelle MacKinven

Chief of Staff
Michelle is a specialist in HR and Organisational Psychology.
Pip Spyksma headshot in black and white

Pip Spyksma

Chief Operations Officer
With a background in data and analytics consultancy, project management, process improvement and marketing, Pip gets a kick out of using data to help people.
Monique Larsen headshot in black and white

Monique Larsen

Head of Sales
With almost 2 decades of experience across customer success and consultative sales, Monique knows a thing or two about how to take care of her customers and her team.
Denis Tereshchenko headshot in black and white

Denis Tereshchenko

Technical Lead
Denis is a well-established professional with a track record of delivering value.

Brad Friskin

Account Executive Australia
Brad has enjoyed a rewarding career around the world. Growing up in Victoria, Brad’s passion for anything sports and health related, has translated into a successful career including founding his own wellness and fitness studio in Sydney.
Lucy Gondwe headshot in black and white

Lucy Gondwe

Account Executive Australia
With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Communications, Lucy is passionate about people, mental health and making a real change in the world.
Emma Chisholm headshot in black and white

Emma Chisholm

Project Manager
With a passion for digital-marketing & good products, Emma is a technology native.
Jessica Newton headshot in black and white

Jessica Newton

Customer Experience Manager
Jess is passionate about customer-centric product development and creating products people can’t live without!
Kelz Leece headshot in black and white

Kelz Leece

Customer Experience Coordinator
Kelz lives for breaking down the walls of discipline and thriving at the intersection of curiosity, innovation, and playfulness.

Michael Paske

Customer Experience Manager
Michael's background in Sales and Customer Success is informed by his natural curiosity, and studies in Human Centred Design Thinking.
Nicole Ramirez headshot in black and white

Nicole Ramirez

Data Scientist
A recent first-class honours Masters graduate in Data Science, Nicole is a specialist in AI led Data-Science.
Emily Moller headshot in black and white

Emily Moller

UX/UI Designer
With a Bachelor of Media Design, Emily has a passion for human-based and intuitive design solutions.
Zainal Wong headshot in black and white

Zainal Wong

Graphic Design Intern
Currently studying the Bachelor of Media Design at Media Design School, Zainal is passionate about contributing to a socially conscious space and actively wants to make a positive impact.
Bianca Steyn headshot in black and white

Bianca Steyn

Marketing Intern
Bianca is currently studying a Bachelor of Business at Massey University, Majoring in Marketing.

Board of Directors

Lee Hatton

Board Chair
Lee has more than 20 years’ experience internationally in the financial services and technology industries.
Mark Berryman headshot in black and white

Mark Berryman

Board Member
With an MBA from the University of Otago, Mark has also been a runner up in the Young New Zealander of the Year Awards
Cornelius Boertjens headshot in black and white

Cornelius Boertjens

Board Member
With over 15 years of Digital Marketing experience, Cornelius co-founded Catchi, a partner of choice for clients that want to achieve maximum results from their digital assets
Alistair Mascarenhas headshot in black and white

Alistair Mascarenhas

Board Member
An accomplished senior manager with 19 years of experience providing innovative and customer-focused solutions across ICT Service delivery, ICT Operations and Procurement with a proven track record of delivering results.

Research Team

A network of researchers across the University of Auckland and the University of Otago provides the analysis of data captured by chnnl, including oversight and analysis of the narrative themes from journal entry data.

Dr Raj Pallapothu

Clinical Advisor
The Bayer Health Global Lead & Clinical advisor to the Texas University Artificial Intelligence Innovation Department, Dr Pallapothu is a valuable addition to our research team.

Dr Karen Day

Health Informatics Senior Lecturer University of Auckland.
Karen has an extensive background in digital health and is a leading researcher in health informatics and programme director for the Auckland University Health Informatics programme. Previously trained as a nurse and midwife she has a range of experience in public and community healthcare providers. She is on the HiNZ board and is a member of CLiN.

Dr Kaiqi Zhao

Technology Advisor
A current lecturer within the Department of Computer Science at the University of Auckland, Dr Zhao has specialist knowledge in Machine Learning, Datamining, NLP and Artificial Intelligence

Dr Jennifer Rasanathan

Clinical Advisor
A Primary Care Physician, Clinical Editor & Health Care Quality Researcher, Dr Rasananthan is a valuable addition to our research team.

Nicole Ramirez

Data Scientist
A recent first-class honours Masters graduate in Data Science, Nicole is a specialist in AI-led Data-Science.