Evidence-Based Wellbeing Series: chnnl 50

Why do we measure wellbeing?

Everything we do at chnnl is evidenced-based, especially when it comes to measuring wellbeing. Since 2015, Dr Elizabeth Berryman has collaborated with researchers, academics, and experts on not only 'what' to measure, but 'how' and 'why'. 

Let's take a look at what the published academic research, international best practice and Dr Elizabeth's work about what, how and why on chnnl's wellbeing measurement App. 


The Research

What WE measure

The concept of 'wellbeing' is large and can cover multiple areas of health, workplace culture, that is why we have chosen the most important areas from best practice and international standards (ISO45003) and created a set of 50 questions to assess and screen the workplace environment and employee experience in regards to wellbeing. 

From November 6th, there is a new collection of chnnl-time reflection questions. These are academically validated with Massey University and cover aspects of international best practice standards for providing a psychologically safe environment. These are on a four week rotation, and there will be 10-12 questions every week.
What does this mean?
  • You will gain more comprehensive insight, and a larger range of data, and enable a full mapping of psychosocial risks and psychological safety culture.
  • The chnnl-time check-ins will remain approximately 5 minutes in length, and organisations will still be able to add extra questions (up to a maximum of 4 extra questions)
How can you support your team with these reflections?
  • Continue encouraging your team to check-in every week. Let them know there are new, exciting reflection questions to answer!

The November Team challenge will explain why we have chosen these questions and how they are meaningful to employees and to the organisation. Encouraging all teams to participate in the Nov challenge will help embed engagement with the check-in’s.

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