Rise of the 'Wellbeing Lead'

Rise of the 'Wellbeing Lead'

5 years ago 'employee wellbeing' in companies was not really a major thing. The maximum expectation of companies to take care of their employee mental health was to tick the box of providing EAPs. As more and more public scandals of toxic work cultures came to light, accountability for toxic work areas has shifted from an ethical choice, to an avoidance of a PR disaster, to legal requirements.

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This conversation has evolved past ‘mentally healthy workers = better productivity and therefore better business. Companies don’t need to be sold on the idea of supporting their employees mentally and emotionally. But they do need help creating the required organisational change to do so.

Nowadays, companies who are aiming to reform their employee experience have ‘Well-being Leads’, often under the equally new 'People & Culture’ role. At the same time we are also seeing an increase in ‘Chief Wellness Officers’ and ‘Chief Medical Officers’ - C-Suite roles dedicated to the health and care of employees. 

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Workplace roles evolve from need. And when they do, they often require targeted technology to ensure the job is done well. And with new technology comes new strategies, systems and more up-skilling.

That's where chnnl comes in...


Introducing chnnl 

The purpose of chnnl has always been to improve the work experience for employees. To better the communication between team members and support leaders with creating psychologically safer workplaces.

When chnnl was launched during Covid, and workforces needed our communication technology, and guidance into this new world of 'employee wellbeing'. Three years on, our customer has evolved, along with the approach company's are taking to support employee wellbeing.

And despite laws coming into place, companies are struggling to understand how to measure and report on employee wellbeing, without reducing the complexities of the human psych to scores. 

That's why we've committed to evolve too. Our purpose remains the same, but our approach and digital solution needs to move ahead of the times.

Our Solution

Every employee wellbeing strategy needs a tool that facilitates execution, optimisation and analysis. Built to support the 'Wellbeing Leads', chnnl provides one connected system for wellbeing strategy management & reporting.

Within the safety and convenience of chnnl, our customer can listen to their team, encourage them to engage in the wellbeing resources their company is offering, and report on their experience at work and the ROI of their wellbeing investment. All while improving the psychological safety of their workplace.

Our updated solution is made up of four groups of features that allow your wellbeing lead to gather information from the team members, encourage engagement with wellbeing resources, and report on progress and the general psychological experience at work. 

  • chnnl Analytics: Easy engagement & compliance reporting

  • chnnl Listen: Always on feedback loop within teams

  • chnnl Engage: Optimised access to wellbeing resources

  • chnnl Learn: Understand psychological safety & data-driven leadership

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Written by Katie Grant
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