Ormiston Hospital Case Study


Ormiston Hospital has fast become the leading private surgical healthcare provider for the East and South Auckland Region. Built in 2008, Ormiston Hospital prides itself on providing patients with 5 star service and excellent surgical care.

With over 190 employees, Ormiston Hospital values employee wellbeing, with one of their values being 'passion for our people'. Therefore, chnnl is an asset towards enhancing their vision, which is “To be the Healthcare Hub of excellence, chosen by our communities.” 

Watch the video below and hear from CEO, Deb Boyd to explore Ormiston Hospital's experience with chnnl, alongside Deb's past experience as a chnnl customer. Hear how chnnl provides both personal and professional insights, and how it can aid in the development and quality of leadership through data-driven decision making.

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"I think it's fantastic from a leadership role for your own personal insight, but also by being able to take the temperature of how your team is doing, it’s extremely helpful."

"I found even using chnnl myself personally gave me some really interesting insight into how the way that I felt on a daily basis impacted my productivity, or what I was doing in my role."


Chief Executive Officer - Ormiston Hospital

Written by chnnl Team
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