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Pictor is a biotechnology company that has developed a diagnostic platform which can be used for diagnosing multiple diseases from a single small blood sample. Read on about their experience with chnnl.

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Given the complex nature of the work and the geographical spread of employees, Pictor wanted to find a way to measure engagement and identify times of high stress in order to make positive changes to its work design. When areas for improvement were identified through the app, chnnl was able to run a workshop with the team arming them with simple strategies for managing stress.

Pictor had great results with chnnl, and showed amazing shift into data-driven, people-first leadership.

Here's What They Said

chnnl enables HR and Executive management to continually monitor data on engagement and understand, based on usage and reports, when there are periods in which their employees experience the most stress. Furthermore, it gives our company the extra boost it needs to ensure our employees are genuinely supported at work. The application is intuitive and easy to use, and has elements that make it more engaging.
Marica Vezzoli

Human Resources Manager - Pictor

Written by chnnl Team

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